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Polestar Engineered Optimization Features for Your Volvo Model

Throttle Response

Throttle response optimization can help you pass with more confidence when you're out on the road. You can enjoy enhanced acceleration reaction and better feedback, which can give you an edge when you pass cars on the highway or hug curves on winding streets.

You can really feel it when you enter a turn, let go of the throttle, and push down again as you drive out of the turn!

Off Throttle Reponse

Thanks to a recalibrated engine and transmission, you can enjoy quicker responses when you let up on the throttle. Better off-throttle response brings more control to your daily drive, allowing you to enjoy a more predictable and dynamic driving experience as you drive around Scranton.

Gearshift Speed

Increased gearshift speed gives your car the ability to accelerate faster. It also improves your vehicle's ability to react your inputs. Quicker acceleration and faster up and down shifts are helpful features when you try to pass other cars on the highway.

Faster gearshifts make it easier get the burst of acceleration energy you need during your highway adventures.

Gearshift Precision and Hold

Optimized gearshift precision helps to improve acceleration by calibrating gearshift points to enhance your engine's mid-range performance. Optimized gear hold helps to maintain the same gear when you round corners around Wilkes-Barre.

Engine Performance

With enhanced engine performance, you can enjoy a sportier driving experience. Optimized engine performance enhances mid-range capability allows you to take advantage of improved acceleration onto highways, past drivers, and out of turns for a more exciting and confidence-inspiring drive.

Torque to Rear Wheels - AWD

When you increase rear-wheel torque, you improve handling from a few different angles. Improved traction and acceleration, enhanced cornering control, and more thrilling driving dynamics mean that you can get more out of every moment you spend behind the wheel of your optimized Volvo vehicle.

Get More Out of Your Driving Experience with Polestar Engineered Volvo

The goal of Polestar optimizations is to provide you with an enhanced Volvo experience that adds a few extra thrills to your daily drive. Here at Ken Pollock Volvo, we can take your drive up a few notches with Polestar software upgrades that help to enhance engine performance as well as a few other key performance features, allowing you to enjoy a more dynamic drive that inspires excitement at every turn. So, how can you add some more balance and precision to your Polestar engineered Volvo vehicle? We can upgrade your car's software to help you make the most of your car!

Optimization software upgrades only take about an hour to install, so you don't have to wait long to give your Volvo vehicle the boost it needs to bring your adventures to a new level. Polestar optimization software is available on all current Volvo models and even many older Volvo models, so the models that are available for the software upgrade spans a wide range.

If you have any questions about Polestar optimization or the software upgrades that we offer here at our Pennsylvania Volvo dealership, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team of Volvo service experts for more information. We can give you more details about what the software upgrades entail and how they can help you unlock your car's potential.

Ready to set an appointment? Feel free to schedule Polestar software upgrades at our Volvo service center serving Scranton to start your journey towards improving your car's performance. We'll be ready to help you set aside a time that works for your schedule and get your Volvo vehicle the attention it needs to make your drives around Wilkes-Barre a bit more exhilarating!


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