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At Ken Pollock Volvo Cars, we're hosting our annual coat drive until Nov. 19. Near Scranton, simply stop by one of our local dealership sites and donate coats of all sizes and styles. This in time for a season noted for community service and giving.

Volvo Cars, Community Service -- Hand-in-Hand Near Wilkes-Barre

With the Scandinavian ideal of altruism intact, Volvo Cars is an automaker unlike others. And at Ken Pollock Volvo Cars, we extend this sense of humanism in accordance with all those Volvo Cars' innovations toward safety while driving, supporting community and preserving our Scranton area environment.

By undertaking this annual event, Ken Pollock Volvo Cars asks the greater Wilkes-Barre community to locate old coats of any size and style for donation. Just in time for colder weather setting in, our five dealership sites have opened their doors for the acceptance of all your coat donations, which will support those needy and homeless within our community.

With the legacy of Volvo Cars extending their three-point safety belt design gratis with the whole of the world, to follow on such a path is ever-more rewarding and heralded. In fact, all efforts performed by Volvo Cars generally and Ken Pollock Volvo Cars specifically seek to expand generosity and amity throughout.

You – Part of The Ken Pollock Volvo Cars Family

As a Volvo owner or lessee, you've come to understand what the Volvo experience comprises. Be it in the Volvo Recharge plug-in hybrid models piloted or the Volvo Mild Hybrid SUVs creating buzz in Scranton, Ken Pollock Volvo Cars remains committed to community and the environment surrounding.

With that said, kindly donate all your old coats before Nov. 19 at Ken Pollock Volvo Cars near Wilkes-Barre.

Last Days of Ken Pollock Volvo Cars' Annual Coat Drive

Stop by our local Scranton area dealership today with all those unused coats to donate before Nov. 19.

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