What Safety Features Does the Volvo XC90 Have?

Scranton Drivers Can Feel Peace of Mind When Behind the Wheel of a Volvo XC90!

A new Volvo XC90 is stylish, comfortable and loaded with technology. Some of the technology in this SUV is so advanced that it can warn you when there is potential danger around you. A few of these features can even make corrective measures to help you avoid, or hinder the damage from, a collision. Check out some of these features below and let us know which one is your favorite!

  • Blind Spot Information System and Cross Traffic Alert: When driving your Volvo XC90 on Scranton street and highways, there will be times when you need to change lanes or back out of a busy parking spot. This feature watches your back for you and alerts you when folks are hiding in your blind spot or are approaching the rear of your SUV.
  • City Safety Collision Avoidance Technology: This feature automatically applies braking pressure when it senses a collision is likely. This feature is activated from 2.5 miles per hour to help even in slow city driving. This feature only activates in situations where the driver hasn’t applied the brakes in time so it is not a substitute for using your brakes and being alert on the road.
  • Lane Keeping Aid: Have you ever felt yourself drifting off the road? This feature will alert you when you start to do so.
  • Pilot Assist: Semi-Autonomous Drive System with Adaptive Cruise Control: Advances to modern technology mean that vehicles are smarter than ever. This feature automatically adjusts your cruising speed to match the flow of traffic. It even makes steering adjustments to keep you in your lane so your Volvo is basically driving itself!
  • Rear Collision Warning: The worries of backing into a wall or another car when parking are alleviated with this feature. It alerts you when you are getting close to an obstacle so you don’t run into it!

This is only the tip of the iceberg for the Volvo XC90. If you are interested in learning more about this SUV and our various specials then call or stop by our dealership today! If you are having trouble finding us then you can utilize our directions page for turn-by-turn instructions on how to find us!

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